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STXT Tube templates (including some other services)
Please review the templates I offer now and the details as they are very important.
Template 1

Thumb sizes: 150x120, 110x90 (both needed)
Template price: 50 EUR
Set-up price: 25 EUR
Template 2

Thumb sizes: 180x130, 110x90 (both needed)
Template price: 60 EUR
Set-up price: 30 EUR
Templates are made and tested to work good for the following browsers: FireFox, IE7 and IE6 (almost all others will work as good too)
The templates are sold as is (it means you modify them at your own risk). Stated thumb sizes are a must if you choose to buy from me, as only with these sizes the site will look good.
Set-up prices mean prices for uploading the template files to your FTP server, configuring them, setting right paths, variables and things, then making the needed changes in your STXT admin so these templates will work. Set-up price is based on one hour of work. If there are some complications from client side that cause me to loose more time, I'll ask more!
I accept Epassporte, PayPal and Wire transfer payments. You can see exchange rates EUR >USD or other currencies on www.xe.com
I will need FTP access to upload the files, set the paths and things and I'll need STXT admin access to set up things too.
As an extra offer, I have manually parsed FLV dumps into FLV XML feeds ready for being imported by STXT of a few sponsors
totalling around 3000 sponsor hosted videos (8 sponsors in total), that can be used on your tube site. I could sell them for you for extra 25 EUR, since I had to make them manually and it would take you some time and knowledge if you decide to do that yourself... I could tell you the sponsor names if interested...
Also, others asked me if I can set-up (not install, but just configure) STXT Tube and Movie2FLV so they fully function with my templates. Yes, I can do that for an extra 50 EUR fee, as it really requires some time and knowledge to set that all up.
If you ordered my templates and services and have problems with fucked up templates after you tried to edit them and site does not work as before, you can reorder the template setup service for the same price as you paid before.
I now offer custom design and template implementation services. If you have a ready design and want me to implement your 1st or 2nd template into your existing design to have it match your design and your color scheme - i'll ask 500 EUR for this work.
If you want me to design your site from scratch and have the template layout made for your taste or features - it's also possible - prices start from 800 EUR, we need to have a discusion to determine the right price.
If you ordered from me and want to get some tube traffic to your new tube site, or you just own a porn tube site and need trades, you can always signup for a trade with my fully functioning site at http://www.porndweller.com/cgi-bin/at3/signup.cgi or icq/email me to setup a custom trade.
Please, before ordering SXTX templates and setups from me, have Memcache PHP support installed for your server and have memcache daemon up and running! If you don't know what it is, please forward this info to your server manager or hosting support guys.
If you want all that or just a part, ICQ me at 59060095 or email me at zeta@zetacash.com

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